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Israeli Druze are a minority among Arab citizens in Israel. The Druze town of Hurfiesh is located in the northern part of the Upper Galilee, dangerously-close to the Lebanon border. Concern about the escalating threat of attack by Hezbollah has intensified the urgent need for protective shelters.

4 Israeli inventions that purify the air of Covid-19

With growing evidence that airborne virus particles are the main cause of Covid-19 infection, scientists have developed air-purifying innovations.

Remember when pollution was our worst respiratory worry? Now, scientists say airborne virus particles may be the main cause of Covid-19 infections.

Israel-US team think existing medication may stop COVID-19 in its tracks

According to the researchers, an FDA-approved cholesterol-lowering drug may help downgrade virus threat to that of common cold.

Could a well-known cholesterol-lowering drug help treat COVID-19? A research team led by Hebrew University of Jerusalem professor Yaakov Nahmias says that early research looks promising.

Join CAMERA’s Tricia Miller on Thursday, July 9, 2020

at 1:00 PM ET for a discussion of “Jesus Was a Palestinian and Other Anti-Israel Myths.” Tricia will also talk about the essential work of CAMERA’s Partnership of Christians and Jews and its efforts to fight Christian anti-Zionism and strengthen Evangelical support for Israel. CLICK HERE today to register and reserve your space. When you register, you will receive a link to participate via…
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Alert & Readiness For Rocket Attacks

Israel Briefing From Operations Lifesheild While Israel is slowly opening up the schools, shops & parks, we’ve been busy preparing for renewed rocket attacks from Hamas & Islamic Jihad. It is truly sad to think that the Coronavirus crisis did not stir the sensibilities of our enemies, and cause a change of heart in their…
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Hamas Hasn’t Disappeared

ISRAEL BRIEFING   Apparently, Hamas is still active. A senior security official from Southern Israel was asked a couple of days ago whether the Coronavirus pandemic has calmed Hamas and PIJ in Gaza, and perhaps imparted a new perspective on cooperating with Israel. His answer was quick and clear… “no”. We delivered 5 protective shelters…
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I hope you are doing well in these difficult times! We know this is typically a busy time filled with events celebrating Israel. But, just because we physically cannot be together right now, doesn’t mean we have to be alone. #yomfromhome is a coordinated effort to empower pro-Israel activists to celebrate Israel and Yom Ha’atzmaut…
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A Meaningful Holy Week

Dear Christian Leaders, CAMERA’s Partnership of Christians and Jews wishes you all a meaningful Holy Week and a joyous Easter celebration! As it often does, this year the Christian Holy Week falls on the same dates, according to the biblical calendar, as the holiday of Passover, when the Jewish people celebrate their miraculous deliverance from…
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Community is the Secret Weapon to Stop Coronavirus

Artical From IsraAID – With a season of holidays approaching, IsraAID’s CEO Yotam Polizer has written in the Times of Israel about the important roles community and education can play in combating the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic:The Secret Weapon to Stop CoronavirusClick here to read Yotam’s full blog post Each of IsraAID’s missions around the…
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StandWithUs CONNECT: Education, Inspiration and Community, From the Comfort of Home

Jerusalem – March 16, 2020 As educational institutions close and travel halts due to Coronavirus, StandWithUs is utilizing technology to continue to educate about Israel, provide unique Israel experiences, fight antisemitism and build a growing community for people around the world. StandWithUsConnect – a new digital platform launching this week – will feature high quality, interactive educational content…
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